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Make every conversation better than the last

Whether your team handles sales or customer care, by phone or by chat, Cresta’s Real-time Expertise AI is there to continuously optimize every conversation.
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AI That Turns Every Agent Into Your Best Agent

Cresta continuously learns what top agents do differently and amplifies those behaviors across entire teams.

Real-time Coaching and Assistance

Live prompts and personalized coaching presented during each conversation help every agent perform like a top-performer.

Real-time Agent Assistance

Suggested responses and behavioral coaching presented during conversations help agents perform their best.

Knowledge Base Integrations

NLU-powered searches automatically pull up relevant articles to help agents answer questions faster.

RPA and Workflow Automation

RPA automates repetitive tasks like lead and ticket creation so teams spend less time on manual data entry.


Automated Coaching and Quality Assurance

Monitor every conversation, track agent performance and uncover coaching opportunities so managers can spend more time coaching and less time reviewing transcripts.

Agent Progression Dashboards

Monitor agent and team progress against key behaviors and success criteria.

AI-Powered Coaching Plans

AI-powered recommendations highlight where to invest coaching efforts and where to stay the course.

Coaching Tools

Improve and accelerate coaching with features like live-assist, unified responses, and chat drill-downs.


Conversational Insights and Analytics

Understand the big picture with conversational analytics that surface how customers, teams, and managers are performing.

Conversational Analytics

Customer sentiment and intent analysis help identify emerging business trends.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting ensures teams are delivering messaging that is compliant with brand guidelines and training.

Onboarding Cohort Analysis

Reports highlight onboarding performance and opportunities to accelerate the path to expert.


Fast Time-to-Value

Cresta’s intelligence layer quickly integrates into your existing CRM, contact center, chat and voice solutions. Install in minutes and start seeing real results in weeks.

Strong Standards-Based Security

SOC 2 and PCI

Cresta keeps your data safe with best in class data and information security practices.

Automatic PII

All customer PII is automatically redacted, keeping data safe and your compliance scope narrow.


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